We will offer you from packaging that sought durability and convenience to those that reduced cost in small lot. We also support custom-made packaging.

Carton Box


From general use carton box to heavy duty use reinforced carton box. Through the reinforced carton box is lightweight and easy to packing, transportation costs will decreased. Moreover, we also produce paper palette made from reinforced carton box which available in various design for economical, light weight and strong.
Plastic Corrugated Box


A plastic corrugated board is one of significant compositions which is reusable, always used as materials for packages.

It is used as materials for vessels which is more durable than conventional types. It is suitable for cardboard and wood package manufacturing.
Due to less cost during transportation and its 100% reuse, it protects environment.

A plastic corrugated box is designed to replace wood. A plastic corrugated box maintains its stregthness and it can dehumidify better than other materials.

Also, it improves workplace environment and employee safety when it acts as partitions to prevent cardboard boxes from falling.



In particular, it is used to wrap a large materials and large items. Easy to process in the field, the receiving customer do not need dismantling and processing.

However, in the case of export fumigation treatment will be required.
Since the workability is excellent it is possible processing of the original size.

Having high load-carrying capacity, it is especially used in packing of large materials and large items.

Relatively lightweight, and it does not require fumigation processing and chemical processing at the time of export unlike wood.

Since the workability is excellent it is possible processing of the original size. Recycling is also possible.

Made-to-Order Box


We can offer special packing according your request from small-lot.Please feel free to contact us.