You can choose the products according to the characteristics such as durability,
cushioning property, heat insulating property, water resistance etc. Special material
with high functionality is also available.


Made from polyethylene. It's used as a packaging and packing materials in order to prevent scratches on the surface of the product.

The foam itself is white color and is a soft, thin sheet with a high elasticity.

Usually it is used for electrical product packaging such as TV, DVD player. We offer depending on your needs.

PP Board

PP board is Pradhan board of hollow structure with excellent durability.

Because it is made from polypropylene co-polymer in the innovative technology of Europe, available in a various ways.

An example of the use of PP board among Designers : the box for goods and documents stored files, partition wall, display signage, modeling, lanterns, and so on.


Paulawnia is a sheet of closed cell structure that is made from polypropylene extruded foam molding in several times.

It has higher density and durability than plywood, cardboard, corrugated plastic. And has been attracting attention as an alternative material.

Honeycomb board

Honeycomb board is a craft color board with a very robust strength that is similar to the plate cardboard in appearance, and has the honeycomb structure inside.

It is usually used as a base to put the model when you make a big model. Almost no deflection in spite of heavy stuffs on it.


EVA FOAM is a cushioning material rich in air-tightness, it does not pass water and sound. It is made from a closed cell body in which the polyethylene resin is used as a base material.

The bubble is a very fine, soft feel rich in flexibility. EVA FOAM has a good shock-absorbing, thermal insulation, buoyant and chemical resistance among the various types of plastic foam. It is often used as a partition in the box.

※ It is a clean foam that does not use any freon gas in the production process. Being late-retardant, it does not generate toxic gases such as dioxin when burned."


Sponge is soft and resilient, and has high shock-absorbing. It has been widely used as a cushioning material.