Various materials are available. We will offer from standard products to custom
pallets. It is possible to adapt to your requirements such as reducing labor costs
and logistics costs, and reducing waste.


At our company, we propose the custom-made mesh palette which maximum matches to your distribution system.

By using the mesh palette with various improvements has been taken, the various effects such as control of labor costs, control of distribution costs and waste reduction are achievable at one time.

Please consider to use our custom-made mesh palette for optimization of your distribution system. Otherwise, we also produce hand truck for products movement in factory.


It is lightweight, reasonable palette made of strengthen cardboard. Mainly used in the one-way, it will also be used to export.
Plastic palette


Plastic palette is safe and clean to use because there is no occurrence of nail popping out and wood waste, and no mold and insects.

It will enable further cost reductions in the long term because worry of corrosion and fumigation process is not necessary at the time of exports.

Returnable use is also possible, so it's superior in environmental aspects.


Low cost compared to plastic, it will also be cheaper to be tailor-made.

It also has excellent usability easy to carry out the disposal and re-use.

It will be used mainly for export or domestic transportation.
Steel palette


Steel palette enable to reduce costs of transportation due to superior strength and light weight.

It can also be used to transport in one-way. Made-to-order is also possible in accordance with the size and weight of the Load.

Moisture management is not required and no wood chips appears, so you can clean use.

You can avoid trouble and speed-up for import and export customs clearance because fumigation processing is not necessary.

Strongly to rust because it is aluminum, it is relatively inexpensive.
Made-to-order palette


We can offer special packing according your request from small-lot.Please feel free to contuct us.