We also have trading company functions including import and export of products
with overseas through affiliates, as well as other packaging materials such as
cushioning materials, protection films, OPP tapes.

Stretch Film


Stretch film is manufactured from a specific type of plastic LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polythylene) by advanced technology, providing more flexible, thin and sticky film, wrapping sharp-cornerd products without any tear. It is piercing resistant, suitable for every condition of use.

Stretch film wraps and covers every type of products, reducing damage during transportation.

Due to its transparency, products can be clearly seen. Moreover, it is also water-proof, dirt and dust prevention, convenient to be used by both Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine and manual wrapping.
Air Bubble


Since Air bubble is a packing material that can reduce the damage prevention and impact in commodity transportation of domestic and overseas, it has been used widely. When you choose your bubble film, you need to consider the size of the bubble, thickness and type and amount of film.

This material is eco-friendly because it does not contain harmful substances. You can also select the anti-static type of electronic parts for packaging that require special protection materials.
Polyethylene Film

It is usually used for general packaging.
We can make it in a variety of color and pattern printing.

And various shapes are available such as bags and roll sheet.
We have stocks each HDPE type · LDPE type.
OPP tape


We have a variety of OPP tape.
Paper tank


We can offer special packing according your request from small-lot.Please feel free to contuct us.
Protection film

It protects the products and raw materials from scratches and dirt during transport. Effect will appear again by re-covering the film. Mainly used to a product you do not want scratched.


We also offer the creation of seal and sticker.